Hints and Tips

The Life of Your Clothes

  • Have your garments cleaned when soiled. Stains and soil left too long are sometimes impossible to remove and will shorten the wear life of the garment.
  • Discuss any stains with your drycleaner. Be especially sure to point out light-coloured or invisible spills, such as those from soft drinks or white wine. These stains contain sugar, which can caramelise and turn brown with the heat of drying unless flushed out with water before drycleaning.
  • Bring the garment in for professional care as soon as possible after staining occurs.
  • Avoid fabric contact with solutions containing alcohol, such as perfumes and lotions. Alcohol can affect some dyes.
  • Protect your garments from excessive perspiration, especially silk. Perspiration can weaken silk fibres.
  • Protect your garments from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or strong artificial light.
  • Don't press stained or soiled clothes. The heat may set some stains.

The Life of Your Furnishings

  • Ask whether the fabric is preshrunk and resistant to fading.
  • Keep in mind that closely woven fabrics of the same fibre are more durable.
  • Consider the amount of sun exposure the fabrics receive. All fabrics are somewhat vulnerable to light degradation, but silk is the most vulnerable. Acrylic, modacrylic, polyester and glass fibres are the most resistant.
  • Protect all your furnishings, and especially curtains, from prolonged dampness, which could promote mildew.
  • Read all care instructions before making a purchase.
  • Protect carpet, rugs and furniture from strong sunlight to avoid colour loss.
  • Rotate curtains, if possible, to vary light exposure.