Suedes & Leathers

Suedes and Leathers have their own distinctive characteristic features and can show the variations which nature has bestowed upon her living subjects.

In spite of each skin being carefully matched, difference in character cannot be avoided.

When purchasing your Nappa or Cowhide leather apparel, look for the distinctive patterns that nature has traced on the skin; for example, healed scratches, wrinkles and grubby marks. These markings may appear more distinctive after cleaning.

If you have two or more matching pieces, it is advised to have them cleaned together due to colour variation.

If the article is being cleaned for the first time, there will be colour loss and a new garment can look worn, this is the character of leather and suede.

To help prevent spillages from seeping into the skin, we highly recommend Tip Top Dry Cleaners' Stain Resistance treatment prior to wearing your item. Stain Resistant treatments help to retain and protect your leather/suede from absorbing anything such as drink spills, food or even raindrops which can contribute to the damage of your garment.

There is always a significant colour loss with Pig Skin suedes and in some instances an item can lose a considerable amount of colour which cannot be avoided and may be require re-dyeing.

Dry cleaning of your leather or suede item can take approximately 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the items colour and skin type.

Any Tip Top Dry Cleaners Stores will be able to assist with any further information leathers and suedes.