Wedding Gowns

Bridal Wear and Wedding Gowns are among the most delicate items that a person can own, and of all items represent not only expense, but the most personal and individual memories.

As delicate as the item may be, all care needs to be taken when selecting your gown. Look at how the garment is made, how well the beaded trim is stitched and of course the care label.

Wedding gowns can be made using very delicate fabrics and can have a variety of trims used, for example; pearls, glass beads, plastic beads, diamantes and so on. All of these trims can have an effect on the result of your gown.

On the day, you will probably encounter many occurrences of drink spills, water, food, grass/dirt (especially along the hem line). The best advice is to take it to one of our stores as soon after the Wedding Day as possible. This will enable the Dry Cleaner to treat such stains without further delay.

Tip Top Dry Cleaners can organise to have your gown cleaned, pressed and on completion, wrapped in top quality acid free tissue paper and boxed, which will help protect your gown against yellowing from age and storage. It should never be stored in plastic.